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Created by salinne on 1st Apr 2014 , 4:17 pm salinne, salinne
Description waistline signs, between family and friends may wish to encourage mutual supervision, to go out and move up.Couples can choose between several closely with exercise, [link=]cheap nike air max shoes[/link] such as walking, badminton. Between parents and children can choose some simple project can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the children, such as games, skating, climbing and so on. You can choose between a number of partners can progress to each other, with some of the competitive nature of sports, such as mountain climbing, hiking, all kinds of sports. Supervision allows movement between them more interesting, but also can reduce the waistline unwittingly. Who perform "Dream Man" Feng Fei Fei's death, the cause was lung cancer. Feng Fei Fei's death, health to the people [url=]cheap nike air max shoes[/url] sounded the alarm. How to prevent lung cancer it Study showed that lung cancer is closely related to diet, there are nine kinds of foods have anticancer health effects.GarlicMany studies have confirmed that garlic has anticancer ability of garlic in the fatsoluble volatile oil can activate macrophages, improve the body's ability to fight cancer, but also contains a sulfurcontaining compounds, but also has to kill tumor cells.Milk calcium and vitamin D, in the intestine can be combined with carcinogens, clear its harmful effects. Yogurt can inhibit the growth of tumor cells.Honey and royal jellyHoney can promote metabolism, enhance the body resistance, improve the hematopoietic function and tissue repair. In recent years, found that bee royal jelly contains a special lactic acid, effective prevention and treatment of cancer.TeaTea contains catechins, to remove the body of radioactive substances. Radiotherapy patients often drink tea beneficial rehabilitation. Tea can prevent tooth decay.Fragrant foodborne fungiContaining sugars and interferon inducers, can inhibit tumor. Mushrooms for gastric [link=]cheap nike Air Max 97[/link] cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer have a certain effect.NutsAlmonds can improve immune function, inhibit cancer cells. It can relieve symptoms such as dry mouth effect, but [url=]cheap nike Air Max 97[/url] there is inflammation of the mouth, nose bleeding ulcers and patients unfit for human consumption. Ebony also have anticancer effects, dates can inhibit tumor cell growth.In addition to these anticancer foods can, there are many foods that have this effect. Such as potato extract steroid substances can inhibit the development of breast cancer. Corn flour can inhibit tumor growth, reduce the side effects of anticancer drugs. Yiyiren of polysaccharides and coix fat can enhance immune function and inhibition of tumor cells.In short, to be effective in preventing lung cancer, in addition to proper diet, but also more exercise, enhance the body immunity and disease resistance. People accustomed to the habit, is not necessarily correct. Even breathing, sitting, hand washing, trash these everyday little things are worth improvement. U.S. "Hao Fenton Post" December 5 Journal article reminded a few things that you may have made mistakes every day.Breathing: Xiongshihuxi. Respiration per person per day is about seventeen thousand times, but most people are used to Xiongshihuxi, which is a relatively shallow breathing. In fact, abdominal breathing is the best way, it helps to relieve physical and mental stress, lower blood pressure, increase endurance, relieve fatigue. Abdominal breathing exercise, you can hand on the chest and abdomen, chest inspiratory keep intact, belly swelled, exhale, the abdomen will shrink gas spitted.Bath: it takes too long. If you're used to [url=]Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 wholesale[/url] wash the hair several times a week, the head of sebum can easily be lost, the scalp will secrete more sebum to keep the oil balance, making [link=]Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 wholesale[/link] the hair more oil. In addition, bath time is not too long, otherwise it will lead to dizziness, dry skin, bathe each winter should be kept within 10 minutes.Exercise: Excessive warmup. Excessive warmup before exercise can cause muscle strength weakens not only the effect will be counterproductive, we are unable to reduce soreness after exercise. Warmup activities are generally in about 5 minutes, relatively cold winter conditions,
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