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Account - You can create a free account at

Avatar / Channel Icon - You can personalize your appearance by choosing an avatar instead of a photo.

Bharatstudent - India's top social networking site!

Buffering - A video player on downloads a video as it plays. A buffer allows it to play more smoothly if the connection isn't fast enough. Pausing the video for a while could help buffer the whole video, and would thereby ensure a smooth play.

Cafe Bharat - For film news, gossips, photo galleries, wallpapers, videos and trailers, check out Cafe Bharat.

Comment - A text response to a video, photo, blog article or to a user.

Favorite - By clicking on the 'Add to Favorites' link on the player page, you can add a photo you like to your list of favorites. Other users can browse your favorites on your personal home page.

Flash - The Flash Player from Adobe Systems is a plug-in for your web browser. Bharatstudent uses it to play videos.

Friends / Friend Invitations - You can invite other users to be your friends. This allows you to share private videos with each other. You can send invitations from a user's homepage.

Gangs - Gangs allows users to share space with like minded people and have discussions on a common theme.

Help - This is the Bharatstudent Help Center! If you can't find an answer to your question here, you can use our contact form to reach our support department.

Metadata - This is data about your data. You can edit this data later from your personal homepage.

Private Message - Bharatstudent has a system for messaging like email. You can read your messages from your account page. You can send a message to a user from his/her homepage.

Rating - You can rate videos by clicking the stars. More stars translates to even better.

Search - There is a search box at the top of almost every page. You can use it to search for Friends, Gangs, Videos, etc.

Study Abroad - A section that helps students aspiring to go abroad.

Tags - Tags simplify searching for a term or category.
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